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IIVER’s Veterinary Clinical Complex

Clinical services offered at IIVER

Welcome to IIVER Veterinary Hospital, a leading multidisciplinary super-specialty referral service.

Our hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive and high-quality veterinary care, following the highest standards of clinical practices. With our team of highly experienced clinicians and a fully-qualified nursing team, we ensure the best care for our animal patients.

At IIVER, we take pride in our state-of-the-art clinical facilities.

Equipped with advanced technologies such as ultrasound sonography, echocardiography, computed radiography, and a well-equipped laboratory, we are able to deliver precise diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.

In addition, we have a dedicated in-house pharmacy to provide convenient access to medications. Our clinic offers specialized services for both small and large animals.

For small and large animal practice, we have large waiting areas and reception, along with a range of services including:

Orthopedic Surgery
Soft Tissue Surgery
In-house Dedicated Laboratory
Computed Radiography
Pet Accessories Supplies
In-house Pharmacy
Clinical Pathology
Technical Support Team
Client Services Support Team
Anaesthesia, Pain Management, and Surgery
Air-Conditioned In-patient/Boarding/Post OP Kennels

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Join us at IIVER Veterinary Clinic and be a part of our mission to provide comprehensive, quality veterinary care with a focus on client service and patient care.
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An outstanding Learning Experience

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our experienced clinicians and be actively involved in our multidisciplinary team.
You will gain practical hands-on experience in various aspects of veterinary care, from conducting research and performing experiments to analyzing data and interpreting results.
This invaluable experience will prepare you for a successful career in the real world of veterinary medicine.

Experience The Excellence and Expertise That Sets Us Apart in The Field of Veterinary Medicine

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Be a part of our mission to provide comprehensive, quality veterinary care with a focus on client service and patient care
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