IIVER: A Pathway to Your Veterinary Dream

Want to pursue your dream Veterinary Career in the United States or Canada?
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IIVER: A Pathway to Your Veterinary Dream

At IIVER, we are proud to be recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and listed on the prestigious AVMA ECFVG (Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) school directory. This recognition signifies our commitment to meeting rigorous educational standards and our dedication to producing veterinarians of exceptional quality.

What AVMA Recognition Means: The AVMA ECFVG-listed school directory is an exclusive designation used by the AVMA to allow individuals to apply for enrolment in the ECFVG certification program. While this recognition does not constitute accreditation, it is a crucial step for students and graduates aspiring to practice veterinary medicine in the United States.

Why It Matters: In many U.S. states and for certain federal positions, veterinary licensure requires graduation from a veterinary school accredited by the AVMA Council on Education. For graduates of foreign, non-accredited schools, the ECFVG program acts as a bridge to realizing the American Dream of becoming a licensed veterinarian in the United States.

Your Veterinary Dream Starts Here: By choosing IIVER, you embark on a journey toward fulfilling your dream of becoming a veterinarian in the United States. Our curriculum, faculty, and commitment to excellence align with the AVMA's standards, ensuring that you receive the education and preparation needed to pursue licensure and a successful career in veterinary medicine.