Our Leadership & Faculty

Meet the visionaries turning IIVER's vision into reality

Chairman of IIVER, Mr Bhupender Malik

Sh. Bhupender Malik - Chairman of IIVER Management Committee & Jan Shakti Charitable Trust

As the Chairman, Sh. Bhupender Malik established IIVER’s vision with the noble goal to create an excellent institution, rich culture and environment to produce highly qualified Veterinarians and Para-veterinarians in India and the rest of the world.

Our Faculty

Dr. Prem Singh
Dr Prem Singh
Director, Veterinary Clinical Complex
Dr. Sridhar
Dr Sridhar
HOD, Veterinary medicine
Dr. Rishi Tayal
Dr Rishi Tayal
HOD, Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
Dr. RK Jain
Dr. R K Jain
HOD, Veterinary Anatomy
Dr. SS Chaudhary
Dr S S Chaudhary
HOD, Veterinary Parasitology
Dr. Namrata
Dr. Namrata
HOD, Veterinary Pharmacology
Dr. BL Pander
DR B.L. Pander
HOD, Animal Genetic & Breeding
Dr. Vijay Chaudhary
Dr Vijay Chaudhary
HOD, Livestock Production Management
Dr. VK Khatta
Dr N. K. Khatta
HOD, Animal Nutrition
Dr. RS Dabur
Dr R.S. Dabur
HOD, Livestock Products Technology
Dr. SS Sangwan
Dr. Sumer Singh Sangwan
HOD, Veterinary Animal Hus. Extension
Dr. NK Mahajan
Dr N.K. Mahajan
HOD, Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology
Dr. SC Gupta
Dr S.C. Gupta
HOD, Veterinary Microbiology
Dr. KK Jakhar
Dr K.K. Jakhar
HOD, Veterinary Pathology
Dr Pardeep Singh
Dr. Pardeep Singh
HOD, Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry
Dr. Umed Singh
Dr Umed Singh
HOD, Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics