Institute Leadership

Sh. Bhupender Malik
IIVER Management Committee
Jan Shakti Charitable Trust

IIVER was established in 2011 situated at the by-pass, National Highway 10, Bahu Akbarpur, Rohtak, 10 kms from Rohtak city. The location is ideally suited as Delhi is only 75 kms away, the area falls under National Capital Region and is home of world renowned Murrah buffaloes also called as Black Gold.

The role of livestock in rural economy has acquired a greater significance because of decreasing land holdings. For marginal farmers, livestock industry can provide an insatiable income. However, this requires well-being of livestock by means of good livestock management system and excellent animal health maintenance and monitoring. With this objective in mind, IIVER was established to produce competent veterinarians and Para-veterinarians.

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between the demand and supply of veterinarians and para-veterinarians and provide the highest quality facilities to the farmers and the general public in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary sciences. We are continuously striving towards this goal of providing the best training to the future veterinarians and para veterinarians through recruiting highly qualified teaching faculty and equipping the practical labs with the state-of-the-art equipment.

The Veterinary Clinical complex at IIVER has an average OPD of 50 animals/day which provides students in both the degree and diploma courses ample opportunity to gain practical experience and exposure to animal ailments in various species. VCC is equipped with diagnostic laboratory, small and large animal X-ray machines, ultrasonography, physiotherapy equipment and operation theaters for both small and large animals. In order to involve students in all the aspects of animal rearing a well-managed Livestock Farm Complex is also established on campus and many free clinical camps are organized for the prevention and eradication of animal diseases to promote welfare of animal health.

Through the above-mentioned vision it is my goal to help IIVER produce highly qualified Veterinarians and Para-veterinarians and increase the current animal to veterinarian ratio in the state of Haryana and India.

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